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The future of work is now. Our assessments measure up.


Ready. Aim. Hire.

Know exactly who you’re looking for before you post your job ad.  See beyond the surface.  Our talent optimization platform incorporates people data insights from our workforce assessments so you can determine whether a candidate has the needed behavioral traits and cognitive ability. This type of strategic hiring is the best way to predict how a candidate will think and work to ensure job fit.

Identify innate traits required for jobs

Recruit candidates based on innate traits

Quickly and objectively select candidates to interview

Interview objectively

Hire the right person for the job

On-board newly-hired individuals according to their behavioral traits to create an engaged employee from day one


Unleash People Power
Your Company might be full of talented
individuals, but if you don't assemble and manage them in the right way, they'll never perform at the top of their game.  Our Inspire tool is your road map. It details how to manage employees based on their unique behavioral pattern. When you understand what truly drives your people you can inspire them to greatness.

Understand a person

Guide people to work better together

Increase everyone's self-awareness

Mentor a person’s development

Optimize team performance

Understand group dynamics

Build relationships between two or more

Coach and develop employees

Evaluate how you motivate your team


Results. Now.
Many managers assume they can drive success by following the Golden Rule:
Treat others as you wish to be treated. But one-size-fits-all leadership is a recipe for disaster. Our platform gives you tools to engage effectively according to behavioral preferences.  Our training gives you the tools to build leadership competencies based on behavioral preferences. 
Yes, they are connected.  
Couple assessment results with competency-driven development and supercharge your talent results.

Utilize behavioral strengths to inspire and engage others

Remove innate behavioral and competency development roadblocks

Make your life easier, more successful and results-oriented as a leader, employee and organization.

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