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Misalignment Destroys Companies!

The strategy assessment ensures everyone on the senior team

is moving in the same direction as the organization needs.  

How does the Strategy Assessment Work?

  • From a list of strategic statements, senior leaders identify the ones they think the company should pursue.  Each statement maps to one of four strategy types.

  • Senior leaders rate their confidence in the company's ability to execute each strategic priority.

  • Senior leaders view alignment and misalignment between their behavior and their strategic priorities.  This is done through a facilitated half-day workshop.  In the workshop, participants analyze the results of the assessment, discuss differences, arrive at an agreed-upon business strategy, and craft talent strategies to maximize performance.  The workshop is guided by an expert Talent Authority Talent Development Specialist.

Why an organization needs an agreed-upon business strategy

When senior leaders pursue competing goals, they fight, get stuck, and make poor decisions.  And that affects every employee in the organization. The Strategy Assessment is a framework for uncovering misalignment -- so executives can work through their differences and get on the same page.  With an agreed-upon strategy, a designed and aligned talent strategy can be undertaken to:

  • Find the right talent

  • Align employees with the business strategy

  • Get the most out of people

  • Create a great work environment


The Strategy Assessment is the first step in solving these problems. 

What are you pursuing...

An Exploring strategy? 

A Producing strategy? 

A Stabilizing strategy? 

A Cultivating strategy?

If your senior team doesn't get on the same page about strategy, people decisions are going to be misaligned. 


Alignment Starts At The Top

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