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Leadership Development Registration
Engagement & Retention
for People Leaders

Based on the engagement survey results and in addition to the planned engagement action planning sessions you will be going through during and after Converge, GK is offering an additional workshop to better help people leaders understand engagement and retention.   

The sessions will be conducted by Talent Authority, which administered the engagement survey.   The highly-interactive virtual workshops will provide you with valuable insights on how to understand what your team members value most in the workplace, and how to provide that value, reduce losing top talent, ensure team members feel rewarded, appreciated and utilized, and recognize early signs of disengaged employees and proactively address them.

We believe that these workshops will help us create a more engaged and productive workforce, but also contribute to building a better workplace culture where everyone feels valued and supported. Therefore, we encourage all people leaders to sign up and participate.  


Four sessions are available.  Class size is limited.   Click below to sign up for just one.  If your first choice isn't available, sign up for another.

IMPORTANT:  Once you register, you will receive a link from Zoom to add the training to your Outlook.  The Outlook invite includes your custom link to use to join the training.


Registrations and attendance will be reported back to GK's Learning and Development Department.

We look forward to your participation!

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