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We tailor our solutions to you and have found a few best practices that we'd like to share in case you like a turn-key solution. Otherwise, let's collaborate on the results you are expecting from your talent.

Our 5-Step Process as Your "Talent Authority"

  • Understand Your Business Strategy

  • Assess your Current Workforce

  • Identify Organizational Talent Gaps

  • Prioritize and Implement Solutions Based on the Biggest ROI

  • Provide the Talent-Related Results your Organization Needs for Success

Blend Learning:  Save Time and Get Results

Blended learning offers the best of both development modes – instructor-led paired with the 60+ courses included with eLearningJourney or vice versa.  Using this approach, we gain a deep understanding of your business strategy and development gaps that exist within each level or department.  We map these gaps to specific development opportunities.  Trainees are required to complete specific eLearning assignments prior to an instructor-led session.  In-person, instructor-led time is reserved for applying concepts from eLearning coursework to actual work situations through role play, discussion, and skill practice.  Blending learning reduces in-person instruction time by almost 50%.  Plus, individual eLearning Journeys can be created for each trainee offering them a unique development experience rather than 100% cohort based.

Learn Recruiting 2.0

Relying on resumes and applications solely on whether or not a candidate should be interviewed is a relic of the past.  Our Recruiting 2.0 solution is what virtually every organization needs.  Unlike recruiters, we help you recruit, select, interview, hire, and on-board more effectively on your own without our help!

  1. Assess current recruiting and hiring practices

  2. Identify specific attributes required for success in a position

  3. Develop job aids that resonate with candidates that go beyond experience required

  4. Select the top talent that meet all of the attributes

  5. Hire the best talent that will be ready to go on Day 1 of employment

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