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This option includes the up to 12 assessments and a 2 hour virtual workshop.  This option is good for teams and to give individuals a greater understanding of their unique gifts and frustrations.   If you require more than 12 assessment, be sure to purchase add-ons from the store.  This virtual class can accommodate no more than 40 attendees.   Important:   This is NOT a team building or team workshop.   If you require a team session, select the four-hour option.


Be sure to enter the name(s) and email(s) of those to take the assessment and attend the workshop.

We will contact the purchaser directly to schedule the workshop session.  Please note that the individuals will receive the assessment results reports upon completion, which is before the workshop.   The workshop will use Zoom.  


You may also wish to send this information via email to after you have made the purchase.  



Working Genius Workshop

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