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How To Describe Your Writing Style

Style #1: Expository. The definition of expository is this: “intended to explain or describe something.”. Most types of written work that fall into this category explain something in more detail, or provide insight and instruction in.

  • Style statement: Demure Bombshell. Name: Natalie (Goldenpig. Style description: Retro ladylike silhouettes, lots of patterns with some pattern mixing, muted autumn colors or black/white/red, rich textures, waist definition, and shoes with.

  • Writing Style Writing style can refer to many things: the pace at which a written story is told, the imagination – or the pragmatism – inspired by a piece of text, the choice of verbs, the preferred narrative point of view or the even the vocabulary range used by a writer.

  • Epistolary writing uses a series of documents, such as letters, diary entries, newspaper articles, or even text messages to tell a story. They don’t have a narrator, there’s just whoever purportedly gathered the documents together. This writing style can provide different points of view because a different person can be the author of each document.

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