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He learns that his mother has inherited some property in Hungary. In preparation for her death, he returns to America, to look after his property, but finds out that he is not his father's heir. He offers his services to an American heiress, the daughter of a close friend of his father's. Overcoming the opposition of his wife, he agrees to a divorce in the U.S. In New York, Andras meets a group of tourists from Mexico. The young woman, Rose, seems seduced by Andras. Back in Budapest, his mother is expecting him; she informs him that the heiress has given birth to a girl; he chooses to live with her. His ex-wife is now his lover. Andras, his wife, and his mother live in his mother's house. Cast James Mason – Andras Anne Bancroft – Anna Jacqueline Bisset – Rose Katharine Ross – Mitzi Ben Gazzara – Don Diaz Richard Dreyfuss – Mike Renée Asherson – Rita Rod Steiger – Senator Demott Christopher Plummer – George Richard Dysart – Dr. Nordby Morag Hood – Anna's Mother Jane Harrelson – Rose's Mother Production The film was shot in Budapest. Release A Woman's World was released in September 1985, and received negative reviews. Frank Rich in The New York Times called it a "snore" and the "likelihood of a former child star (played in unconvincing mode by Jacqueline Bisset) making a movie on her own, as one reviewer put it, seems so improbable that it never occurs to the film's producers and screenwriters." The Washington Post said that it was "an undistinguished, conventional, slight film" with "a formulaic story" and Mason's character "is so utterly unlikeable that he is scarcely a character at all." Variety wrote, "The film is a drama of conventional plot and characters, requiring little more than an uninspiring script to make it bearable. If it was a movie directed by anyone else, it might still be more of a success." References External links Category:1985 films Category:1980s romantic drama films Category:American romantic drama films Category:American films Category:Films set in Budapest Category:Films



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