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Hogan's Leadership Insights Series is the gold standard for mid-level leader assessments, specifically designed for the business community.   Unlike other assessments that measure how an individual sees themselves, the assessment measures how others' view the individual.   It accounts for the adjustment individuals make (or do not make) in their personality to accomplish a task or interaction.   This is the missing piece in other assessments.  And, why other assessments don't resonate with individuals like this assessment Series does.  The Series is broken down into three distinct reports that measure behavior and values:

  • Potential Report describes strengths and development needs as a manage and executive.   It is based on the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and is organized into seven dimensions, each addressing a different component of performance.  Answers the question:  Can someone do the job with the characteristics needed to perform the job?


  • Challenge Report is designed to help develop a leader by providing insight into behaviors that could potentially undermine or inhibit performance during stress, boredom, complacency or lack of engagement.    The results are based on the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) and offers suggestions for leading more effectively.  Answers the question:  What will get in someone's way in getting results? ​​


  • Values Report describes core values, motivations and goals that affect careers.  The items measured are an essential part of someone's identity and shape the choices that are made about work, play, and relationships.   The assessment uncovers drives, fit, style/culture and unconscious biases through the Motivations, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI).  Answers the questions:  Will someone enjoy their work environment?  What type of work environment will they want to create?


The fee includes the assessment and a 90-minute feedback session on the results.   If the assessment taker is different than the purchaser, please email the assessment taker's name and email to


Must be purchased online for special fee.



Hogan Leadership Mid-Level Leader Insights with Debrief

  • Once an assessment has been assigned and started, the assessment cannot be reassigned to another individual.  Results will be provided to the assessment taker and will not be shared with any other party unless agreed to by the assessment taker.  There are no refunds for purchased assessments or assessments that are deemed to be invalid.   There are no credits or discounts for individuals that wish to retake an assessment.  

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