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Important for Business.    Invaluable for People.

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Lower Recruiting Costs

Increased Sales | Revenue

Increased Safety | Reduced Risk

Improved Customer Satisfaction

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Greater Employee Engagement

Improved Productivity

Higher Perfromance

Reduced Turnover | Better Teamwork


Select the Best

Know exactly who you’re looking for before you post your job ad.  See beyond the surface.  Our assessments incorporate 

people data insights from our workforce assessments so you can determine whether a candidate has the needed traits and cognitive ability. This type of strategic hiring is the best way to predict how a candidate will think and work to ensure job fit.

Insight into everyday behaviors leaders will  exhibit and how they will react during stress

Identify innate traits required for job success

Recruit candidates based on innate traits, drives, values and motivations

Quickly and objectively select candidates to interview

Interview objectively free of bias

Identify candidate problem solving style, capacity to learn, and development areas

On-board newly-hired individuals according to their motivations and create an engaged employee from day one


Unleash People Power
Your Company might be full of talented
individuals, but if you don't develop, assemble, and manage them in the right way, they'll never perform at the top of their game.  Our assessments are your road map. It details how to manage employees based on their unique characteristics. When you understand the values, motivations, and drives of your people,  you can inspire them to greatness.

Understand a person and the reputation they have

Guide people to work better together

Increase everyone's self-awareness

Mentor and coach an individual 

Optimize team performance

Understand group dynamics

Build relationships between two or more

Coach and develop employees

Assess ability to identify and manage self and others' emotions


Results-Driven Promos
Many leaders are promoted based on technical expertise and business knowledge.   Many leaders fall short in their ability to understand personality traits, how others experience the leader and how to adapt in good ore stressful times.  Plainly put, these leaders struggle to get results through people.   With our assessments receive great insight behaviors that will provide results.   If they are known before hand, they can be assets and managed.   If they are know after, the leaders can become a significant liability.
and bad personality attributes, motivations, values, drives, decision making, risks, and business reasoning.
Identify the bright side and dark side of someone's leadership traits

Understand leaders' motivates, values, and drives for the culture they will create

Identify decision making approach, info processing, openness to coaching and feedback

Pinpoint what is needed in the position and determine if a high-potential can fulfill job requirements 

Gain deep insight through qualitative and quantitative 360 degree insight to set priorities, and development for action.

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