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15+ Experiences to Build Your Senior Leadership Talent 


Senior level leaders require specialized content not available in an open-enrollment, public-style program.  Talent Authority has extensive content specifically geared to this level of leaders that is customized to the needs of the group and the objectives of the organization.  For this level, we recommend:

  • An initial off-site experience or retreat of one or more days.

  • A scheduled follow-up session of up to one day one to three months later.

  • If appropriate for the group and objectives, additional sessions scheduled thereafter.

Our specialists can completely plan an off-site retreat and map out development plans over time or we can be part of an upcoming retreat that is already planned.   


Suggested topics and experiences include:

  • Building Individual and Team Self-Awareness

  • Coaching Skills for Senior-Level Leaders

  • Conducting a Talent Review 

  • Discovering and Harnessing Your and Your Team Members Working Genius

  • Embracing the Five Behaviors that Will Impact Senior-Level Team Effectiveness and Organizational Success

  • Establishing a Growth and Talent Development Culture

  • Influencing and Impacting Decisions

  • Fostering Organizational Innovation

  • Having the Courage to "Dare to Lead"

  • Interviewing and Evaluating Senior-Level Talent

  • Implementing or Recrafting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Performance Management

  • Making Decisions and Understanding Biases

  • Managing, Understanding and Implementing Change and Transition

  • Measuring and Acting on Employee Engagement to Improve Retention, Productivity and Profitability

  • Recognizing the Impact of Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Interactions

  • Reshaping and/or Operationalizing Mission, Vision and/or Values 

  • Understanding Behaviors Influence on Talent Management Practices

If you have an objective not listed, please let us know.   We have a vast array of content.  Plus, Talent Authority administers a large inventory of assessments, including:  Predictive Index, EverythingDiSC, Working Genius, Work of Leaders, Agile EQ, EQ-i2.0 and EQ360, The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams, and much more.    We also provide 360 degree feedback and executive coaching.   Please schedule time with us so we can learn about your objectives and design a solution to meet your development objectives.

Speak to Jeffrey Hull, VP of Talent Development today!

Allow Us to Map a Development Strategy,

Plan a Retreat, or

Be Part of Your Next Development Initiative.

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