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The Talent Authority

Who We Are

Long before Talent Optimization became a regularly-used term, Talent Authority specialists were doing just that:  Optimizing organizational talent in so many ways with training and development topping the list.  Our talent development specialists have assessed and delivered training to thousands of organizations throughout the world.  Our specialists have - on average - 20 years expertise advising organizations on talent-related needs.  We have delivered training and provided services to manufacturers, healthcare companies, professional firms, hospitality entities, financial institutions, small organizations, large organizations and everything in between.  We have matriculated over 100,000 employees through eLearning modules ranging from harassment prevention to leadership development.  Finally, our recruitment specialists have placed countless professionals in positions where they are contributing the organization’s success while aligning to the individual’s life goals.
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What We Do

It’s simple.  If it is talent related, we will help.  Our specialists have years of expertise and they love to share best practices.  It is through our collaborative approach that we achieve results for ourselves, the talent we are privileged to work with, and most importantly – you – the organization we are partnering with.
Where We Operate

Our research-based solutions can be deployed globally with virtual and in-person instructor-led training along with our eLearning solutions.  Our network consists of North America-based trainers and specialists who regularly consult with and deliver training all over the globe.  A significant amount of training is delivered in California and Florida, where we maintain offices.  We go where you need us to go... anywhere in the world.


Talent Authority Offices


1100 Town and Country #1250

Orange, CA  92868

618 E. South Street #500

Orlando, FL  32801

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