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Objective, Data-Driven Insight Into An Individual Before Hire

Many assessment solutions require a significant one-time fee and staff time commitment coupled with an commitment to use and annually license a platform.   Other assessments require an investment of time and staff resources to become an expert on deciphering the results and then keeping current on that knowledge.


Other assessment identify how individuals see themselves, which is rarely useful.   Instead, we measure how others see someone; how they show up, how they interact.   This is more relevant and useful in how individuals interact every day, what values are important to them and what are the derailers that may occur if they are stressed.  Other assessments do not come close with these measurements.


And, our approach is different.  We do the work.   We are the authority.  You get better hiring results.

Our scalable approach allows an organization to use our expertise on one person, multiple candidates for one position or many people or positions.   You choose.   We provide insight into employment fit, job fit, strengths, areas of concern and what you will notice when you interview a candidate.     

Different characteristics are important for success in different jobs, and characteristics that are important in
one job may interfere with performance in others.  Our assessment evaluates candidates on seven well-known dimensions or characteristics that influence occupational success. This report is based on the candidate's scores on these dimensions and it is organized in sections.  Section I reviews the candidate's results focusing on (a) characteristics relevant for success in most work environments; (b) suitability for the position; and (c) the style with which they will interview. Section II provides a graphic report of the candidate's assessment results. Section III summarizes the recommendation for job fit and potential hiring.

We offer the following hiring and selection assessments:


This solution provides the essential information employers need to understand leadership emergence and effectiveness.   Since leaders have such an impact on others, objective assessments are essential to make the right hiring decision.  

  • Executive-Level

  • Mid-to-Senior Level

  • Frontline Leadership

Job Families (recommended)   


Our most popular solution.  We have taken all the guesswork out of job analysis and have broken positions into seven different areas.   Unsure what job family a position falls in, we can help!

  • Administrative and Clerical

  • Operations and Trades

  • Management

  • Professional-Level

  • Sales and Customer Support

  • Service and Support

  • Technicians, Engineers and Specialists


  • Frontline Employee:  General Employability.   Our simplest and lowest cost assessment, which is and geared to entry-level / frontline jobs.  It provides scores in three areas associated with success at work:  People Skills, Learning Skills and Work Ethic.  They are consolidated into an overall score with a fit recommendation.   As an added bonus, three concise and customized behavioral interview questions are included.

  • Safety Orientation.  Essential for jobs that require safety and safety awareness.   Will the candidate be compliant, strong, poised, vigilant, cautious and trainable.

  • Cognitive:  Recommended for complex positions, this assessment is designed to evaluate peoples’ ability to analyze and combine new and existing data to solve unfamiliar problems, learn new skills, and put
    problems in context in order to see the bigger picture.  Results include a score and comparison to others along with what the individual seems like to be able to do.

Job Profile (Position Insights Survey)

What does success look like in a high-level or high-impact position?   This specialized solution allows for up to a 360 degree view on a position.   Once completed, we can objectively compare candidates against the hiring criteria.  This solution is recommended for executive and senior-level positions.

Personality's Importance in Business

  • Insight into how an individual will execute business strategies, manage change, conflict and people.

  • Information on a person's strengths, cautions, decision making processes, and organizational culture.

  • Influences effectiveness leading and working with people.

  • Underlies behaviors, actions, reactions and interactions.

Why Research Matters

Hogan Flash Report
Money and People

Business success depends on making good decisions about money and people.

the peaks and valley of productivity

Using objective data to support decisions about people is always best practice. 

an icon depicting the results of an assessment

Our assessments provide an unbiased and scientific basis for making informed decisions about people.

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