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mitigate organizational risk through employee education

Compliance Training for Leaders and Employees

Dos and Don'ts of Workplace Behaviors and Practices

Recommended Group Size of up to 40 Trainees

Each Course is 1, 2 or 4 Hours

Delivered In-Person Anywhere or Virtually via Zoom

Available in English or Spanish.  Translations Available.

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Harassment Prevention for EMPLOYEES


Every California employer with 5 or more employees must provide at least 1 hour of effective harassment prevention training to employees every 2 years. This employee-level course focuses on the basics of harassment prevention, abusive conduct, and how to respond to and report inappropriate, offensive or abusive conduct. The employer’s policy on harassment prevention serves as the basis for the program facilitation along with the 18 California protected characteristics. 

(Minimum training duration is 60 minutes. We recommend 90 minutes. Up to 40 trainees)   

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We also provide eLearning for this group.

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Harassment Prevention for SUPERVISORS



Every California employer with 5 or more employees must provide at least 2 hours of effective harassment prevention training to supervisory employees every 2 years. This course complies with California AB1825 requirements and also includes the biggest risks employers face in regard to abusive conduct and illegal discrimination, including discussion of the 18 protected characteristics, sex definitions, diversity, disability / religious accommodations. This course will provide the foundation knowledge needed to change / modify workplace behaviors that contribute to harassment, illegal discrimination and retaliation.  (Minimum training duration is 2 hours. Up to 30 trainees)


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We also provide eLearning for this group.

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Employment Law for LEADERS


Today’s workplace is a minefield of unintended offences, especially for newer leaders who are now agents of the company.  All it takes is to make an unintended comment, ask the wrong question, fail to speak up, or fail to take action and a legally-charged situation may be created, which costs the organization time, money and resources.   This course provides legal preventative maintenance and every leader needs it.    Leaders learn the top practices of employment laws, including California specific examples.   Through case studies, "what would you do scenarios," and real-life examples of what not to do, leaders are better equipped to be complaint, minimizing legal risk.  This course can be tailored for state or organization-specific policies and laws.

Taught by seasoned senior HR professionals.  Contact us about customizing this content for your organization or group needs.

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eLearning courses also available

Did you know? 
Instructor-led training is more effective and usually
more cost effective than e-learning.

Speak to one of our Compliance Specialists about our solutions!


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