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Our training team will deliver one hour of harassment prevention training via Zoom.   Identify how many total hours are needed to train your population.  Two (2) hours for supervisory trainees and one (1) hour for employee-level trainees.   We recommend no more than 30 trainees in each group.  

Virtual Harassment Prevention (pay per hour)

  • Training may start beginning as early as 7am to 2pm PST.   A miniumum 30 minute trainer break is required between training sessions.    Once you order is paid, we will work with you to confirm training dates and times.   

    We recommend group size to be no more than 30 for employee-level (one hour training duration) and 20 for supervisory level (two hours of training).   If groups size is larger, we do recommend more time so that there is time for interactivity to meet compliance requirements.   Training is available in English.   Please contact us for Spanish delivery, which may be subject to a nominal fee.

    Virtual training delivered via Zoom.   Choose any combination of one hour (employee) or two-hour (supervisory) sessions to equate to the number of total hours needed.  Training can be delivered over the course of one day or several days.

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