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Customized Options for Mid-Level Talent


Specifically designed for busy mid-level leaders that are tasked to produce results through teams of individuals, Talent Authority offers two customized approaches, which blend organizational requirements and individual leader needs.  Participants receive situational self-awareness regarding everyday leadership tendencies, leadership in stressful situations and the environment they will foster as a leader.  This insight is then applied to mid-level leadership competencies, which are customized according to individual and organizational needs.

Audience:  Director to vice president, emerging mid-to-senior leaders, department leaders, multi-function leaders, leaders of leaders, and/or reporting to executive team.  Individuals must be self-motivated and open to development.   Note:  Program can be modified to be delivered entirely as a group program of 6-16 leaders within an organization.

A blend of assessments, pre-work, group training, and one-on-one sessions is the framework for option 1.  Core concepts from our Talent Academy for Leaders program are covered in this development option.   Please note that one-on-one sessions may continue after the final session and may include any topic from Option 2.  

Session 1:    Inventory Survey and Intake Discussion
                      Complete Hogan Leader Insights Assessment
Session 2:    Assessment Debrief (90 min)
Session 3:    Styles (with assessment) – 4 Hour Group Session
Session 4:    Communicating – 4 Hour Group Session
Session 5:    Coaching – 4 Hour Group Session
Session 6:    Conflict
Session 7:    Engagement | Retention
Session 8:    Performance Management
Session 9:    Change
Session 10:  Teamwork (with 5 Behaviors assessment)


In-depth independent work assignments, assessments and one-on-one sessions are the basis for option 2.  Individuals enrolling in this option should already demonstrate many of the essential leadership competencies listed under sessions

4-9 of Option 1.  A custom program will be created given the individual’s development needs.

Session 1:    Inventory Survey and Intake Discussion
                      Complete Hogan Leader Insights Assessment
Session 2:    Assessment Debrief (90 min)
Session 3:    Styles and Communicating (with assessment)
Session 4:    Coaching --as a Leader-- to a Leader
Additional Development Sessions May Include (not limited to):

  • Implementing Change

  • Mastering Decisions (with Hogan Judgment assessment)

  • Utilizing the Working Genius Productivity Tool

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Engaging and Retaining Top Talent

  • Influencing Stakeholders

  • Instilling Team Innovation

  • Developing Talent

  • Make Strategy a Reality

Option 1:  Build Essential Leadership Skills
Group and One-On-One Sessions

Option 2 :  Critical Mid-Level Leader Skills
Private One-On-One Sessions

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