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to meet organizational imperatives

Competency-Based Leadership Development

Cost Effective Providing Targeted Development

Recommended Group Size of up to 20 Trainees

Almost all Courses are 4 Hours

Delivered On-Site At Your Facility Anywhere or Virtually

Many courses available in Spanish

What Leadership Competencies
Do Your Leaders Need Help With?

behavior ripple effect icon


Are leaders self-aware that their behavior has an affect on others?

Do some leaders meet expectations and others fall short?

Do some leaders delegate everything and others delegate nothing?

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the many different directions of change icon


Are associates feeling demotivated as a result of shifting strategies?

Are leaders unaware of their personal preference toward change?

Do leaders fail to hold employees accountable and let them slip back into the old ways?

Are leaders able to identify the aspects of change they can control and influence?

Are leaders a positive model when it comes to embracing change?

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Learn More About Change Management Program For All Levels   

icon depecting coaching


Are senior leaders able to create a coaching culture in your organization?

Do leaders spend more time sharing their expertise rather than seeking employee insights?

Do leaders know how to coach, but do not have time to do it?

Do employees sometimes feel unappreciated by their leader?

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icon depicting collaboration:  cogs


Do leaders have good intentions, but sometimes send the wrong message which harms others?

Are individuals unaware of how body language and non-verbal cues affect interaction?

Is listening something leaders think they do well, but in reality do not?

Are leaders not collaborating in respectful ways?

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icon depicting communication:  waves


Do leaders lack the essential interaction skills that are critical for success?

Are leaders seen as not being supportive?

Is "communication" being blamed as the primary disfunction in the workplace?

Do leaders fail to provide ongoing feedback?

Are employees less focused on results because they feel undervalued?

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Conflict Icon B.png


Does conflict escalate because leaders fail to recognize the signs?

Do leaders know what to do when conflict is affecting productivity or morale?

Do leaders have the skills to mediate a conflict?

Are leaders able to help employees take accountability?

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Learn More on the Productive Conflict Assessment and Course 

icon depicting customer service and phone rep


Do leaders know what obstacles are preventing a higher level of customer service?

Do leaders know what they must do to ensure service excellence and increase customer loyalty?

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Learn More on the Customer Service / Sales Assessment and Course

icon depicting leadership target


Are leaders able to create a safe and meaningful culture?

Do teams take risks based on courage and trust?

Do individuals need to know how to become more brave leaders?

Can individuals commit their hear to work each day?

Can organizational values be operationalized and used every day?

Will leaders actually commit to providing more meaningful feedback to their teams?

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icon depicting decision making


Do leader struggle in making complex decisions?

Do biases exist with the organization that affects leaders' ability to be objective?

Do leaders fail to consider the full implication of their decisions on key stakeholders?

Do leaders jump to evaluating alternatives instead of using creative-thinking?

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icon depicting delegation


Are leaders spending time on tasks that others can perform?
Can leaders assess an individual's core strengths to determine what can be delegated?
Do leaders recognize the difference between tasks and purposeful delegation?
Effectively monitor progress without becoming a roadblock to their team members.
Build trust in their team member’s ability to achieve critical business unit goals.

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icon depicting development


Are leaders unsure of what to focus on, who to focus on and how to develop direct reports?

Do leaders accurately assess what is hindering their team?

Do leaders take a strategic approach to developing talent?

Are development plans something that people only do if they have time?

Do leaders fail to guide and support their people's development?

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icon depicting DISC

EverythingDiSC Assessments + Courses

Six Assessments Courses and Courses

  • Management:  Successfully engage, motivate, and develop talent.  

  • Agile EQ:  Develop emotional intelligence to support a thriving agile culture.

  • Workplace:   Engage every individual in building more effective workplace relationships.

  • Productive Conflict:  Transform destructive behavior into productive conflict responses.

  • Sales | Customer Service:  Discover individual sales style and adapt to customer styles.

  • Work of Leaders:  Create impact through vision, alignment and execution.

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icon depicting diversity


Do leaders value the unique qualities that everyone brings to the table?

Do leaders know how to make the most of different styles, abilities and motivations?

Do leaders and employees know what their styles are and what motivates them?

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icon depicting emotional intelligence


In times of pressure, do leaders sacrifice their people focus in favor of operational matters?

Are leaders hard-pressed to read the social environment?

Have leaders become emotionally hijacked?

Learn More about The Course Above

Learn More about the Agile EQ Assessment and Course

icon depicting a courthouse


Are leaders unaware of their role as "agent of the company"?​

Do leaders say and do things that are becoming problematic?

Do leader "take it on themselves" to fix and employment-related issue?

Are leaders dealing with employees more as peers than as a leader?

Taught by expert and seasoned senior HR professionals.

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icon depicting engagement


Do leaders provide what people most value in the workplace?

Is your organization losing some of its best and brightest talent?

Is turnover high because employees feel they are being underutilized?

Are leaders equipped to deal with disengaged employees?

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icon depicting questions and exlamations regarding harassment prevention and illegal discrimination


Do leaders know all of the state, federal and local protected characteristics?

Do leaders know what steps to take when harassing, abusive and disrespectful behavior occurs?

Do leaders know how to respond to a complaint?

Do leaders know what retaliation is and how to prevent it?

Is your organization seeking to be CA AB1825 compliant?

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icon depicting the ripple effects of influence


Do leaders have good ideas, but then lack the ability to "sell" the idea?

Are ideas not acted about because there is no commitment from those outside a team?

Are ideas not implemented because others are unsure how it will benefit the organization?

Can leaders take action on promising ideas and alternatives that achieve results?

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icon depicting innovation through a light bulb


Do leaders create the conditions for executing innovation?

Can leaders overcome challenges to innovation?

Does your organization lack new ideas to meet customer demands?

Are leaders able to help team members turn flawed ideas into promising ideas?

Do leaders need tools and techniques to implement innovative ideas?

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icon depicting an interviewing checklist


Have leaders hired based upon subjective or gut-feel rather than objective hiring?

Do leaders fail to recognize the most critical job requirements?

Are interviews focused more on filling the position?

Do interviews look at the process from only their point-of-view or also from the candidates?

Do interviews fail to link the job description to the individual they are interviewing?

Are some questions asked not related to job requirements for the position or may be illegal?

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icon depicting being on target with leadership


Were individuals promoted to supervisory roles with little or no preparation?

Do leaders act more like peers?

Are leaders "doing" rather than "leading"

Are employees voicing frustration over their immediate supervisor's leadership skills?

Do new leaders struggle to understand their priorities?

Are leaders defensive rather than receptive to feedback?

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Leader Focus 6 Dimensions_edited.png


Do leaders have strategic self-awareness?

Are leaders adaptable given their employees' needs?

How do leaders compare with other leaders in six different leadership dimensions?

Before the half-day course, leaders take a self-assessment and those results are used throughout the training.   


During training, individuals receive their results and we apply situational leadership adaptations to report results.   We then provide leadership tools that are relevant for the group, including feedback, engagement, delegation and more.

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icon depicting process improvement and lean thinking


Is there a growing concern that customers may become dissatisfied?

Are process inefficient and outdated?

Is your organization running to delivery, stock turns, productivity, scrap or space?

Does the organization (and employees) believe there is no room for improvement?

Are employees unsure if they are providing the expected organizational results?

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icon depicting improving performance management


Are leaders bearing all of the responsibility for performance management?

Do leaders spend too much time coaching for improvement due to lack of planning?

Do employees go into performance reviews with fear of the unknown?

Are leaders ill-prepared to conduct performance problem discussions?

Do leaders fail to gather and document accurate and specific performance data they need?

Can your leader defuse strong emotions when discussing performance problems?


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icon depicting strategy and a clipboard


Are leaders unsure how to produce results while still engaging subordinate leaders?

Are leaders unable to translate high-level strategy into specific actions?

Do leaders struggle to focus time and energy on the right activities?

Is a lot of time spent on developing strategies for them not be executed at the frontline?

Are frontline leaders spending too much energy on work that doesn't support strategy?

Are leaders having trouble establishing and holding employees accountable?

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icon depicting teams


Do leaders have a strong team that continuously under performs?

Are associates unsure of their team's purpose or the role they play on their team?

Is there an underlying lack of trust amongst coworkers?

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Learn More about the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

icon depicting trust with a lock and key


Are employees distrustful of leaders?

Do trust issues surface across departments?

Are leaders aware of the untrustworthy behaviors they exhibit?

Do leaders know how to build or repair trust?

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