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We tailor our solutions to you:  Let's collaborate on the results you are expecting from your talent.

In the meantime, below are some policies we have.

Our 5-Step Process as Your "Talent Authority"

  • Understand Your Business Strategy

  • Assess your Current Workforce

  • Identify Organizational Talent Gaps

  • Prioritize and Implement Solutions Based on the Biggest ROI

  • Provide the Talent-Related Results your Organization Needs for Success

Our Standard Cancellation, Postponement, Return Policy

Custom Programs With Signed Order Forms:   The specific terms will be contained in your signed order form.

Standard Policy:  Upon confirmation of delivery date(s), any postponements, cancellations, or rescheduling of dates will be subject to a charge due to resources being allocated to your project that is no longer being allocated to other clients and the time associated with rescheduling.  


Any deposits paid will be adjusted accordingly and any remaining balances will be available as a credit (expiring 12 months after scheduled dates) toward future training.  Should the cancellation fee(s) exceed the deposit / project fee paid to date, client will be invoiced accordingly.


Charges are assessed at the schedule listed below (pro-rated to a per session level excluded state funding).  

  • After Confirmation                   $200 charge for each affected session  

  • Less than 28 calendar days    30% of each affected session

  • Less than 21 calendar days    60% each affected session

  • Less than 14 calendar days    100% of each affected session

Online Store Orders.   Online store orders are non-refundable; however, a purchase -- once made -- can be credited toward another Talent Authority service.   Once assessments have been assigned and an individual has started the assessment, no credit is available.   The service is considered to be used.

Our Open Enrollment Registration Requirements

We facilitate our virtual training programs via Zoom. Each trainee will need to be in a private space with a computer, web camera turned on during facilitated time and connected audio (via phone or computer).

Trainees are not permitted to record or capture images while logged into Zoom for the training without prior consent by the trainer.  Trainees must engage in respectful workplace-appropriate behavior, dress appropriately for a workplace training session, be mindful of their background.  We strongly encourage trainees to refrain from multi-tasking during facilitated time.  Ample breaks are provided during our sessions.  Training materials may NOT be duplicated physically or electronically; however, there are online resources, including planners and other tools that are made available, which maybe used after training.   Materials are required for each session.   Replacement materials are only provided for materials lost due to USPS or Talent Authority fault.   A replacement binder is available for a fee.   

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