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8 Topics to Build Higher-Performing Talent 


Elevate the performance of individuals, teams and departments with the Performance Academy for Talent.  This program is geared toward any high-potential employee or leader that needs to have more impact.   Impact on people.   Impact on profitability.   Impact on productivity.   In this program, they gain greater understanding of themselves, the way they influence, innovate, make decisions, interview, build trust, execute on key priorities.   

Includes 3 self-assessments, including EQ!


As a result of the program,  attendees. . .   

  • Gain behavioral and emotional intelligence (EQ) for improved individual, team and organizational performance.

  • Engage in vulnerability-based trust, deal with conflict, have commitment, build accountability, and achieve results.

  • Identify the six types of work required to accomplish a project and align themselves and their team's working genius to fulfill project and personal needs.

  • Interview and objectively evaluate candidates for knowledge, skills, experience, "geniuses," motivation, cognitive ability and behavior.

  • Identify and execute on top priorities through behavior, genius focus, measurement, and accountability.

  • Package ideas that win over others by identifying and using style requirements, capturing attention, gaining commitment and transforming perspectives.

  • Identify critical elements and decision-making criteria that lead to selecting the best courses of action while avoiding pitfalls, recognize style bias and genius limitations.

  • Embrace their unique style to generate innovative ideas that add value to the organization, create value to the customer, and increase engagement.

Performance Academy for Talent graphic with the 7 topics that are part of the program

As a private program, components can be customized to your needs or substituted with any catalog topics and delivered virtually or in-person anywhere in the world.  Please contact us for private program pricing.   Due to the customized nature of the content, a minimum of 12 trainees are required to participate in a program and the maximum recommended group size is 24.   Additionally, we recommend that small clusters of trainees work together regularly.   This will greatly increase the impact of the program.

Note:  Performance Academy for Leaders includes Working Genius and the Five Behaviors methodologies!   

If your company utilizes Hogan, Birkman, MBTI or has Predictive Index (PI) license or is assigned PI partner to assist you, let us know:  The program can incorporate any methodology.


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Private Delivery in 2024:  To increase organizational impact of this program, this program will only be available as a customized private program in 2024.  Employers can choose to add, remove or replace topics to create their own Performance Academy program.  Previously, we offered an open enrollment program.


We invite those companies that have used the public Performance Academy program, to use our Talent Academy Review Program (coming in 2024).


  • Emotional Intelligence

  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

  • Working Genius Self-Awareness Insights

  • Interviewing Top Talent

  • Strategy Execution

  • Influencing Others

  • Decision Making Tendencies

  • Innovation

Need a customized solution?
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Virtual or In-Person.

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