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One of our instructors will deliver training on-site for your organization (one date).  The fee includes travel and mileage if your training site is within 20 miles of either Orange, CA or Santa Monica, CA.   If your training site is outside either location, please contact us for pricing, which will include travel and mileage. 


Or, with this option, our training team will deliver up to 5 individual hours of harassment prevention training via Zoom (conduct one 2-hour supervisory session plus three 1-hour employee sessions or 5 employee-level sessions, or any combination to equate to 5 hours over one day or the course of a few days).

In-Person or Virtual Harassment Prevention

  • Please follow state and local policies regarding group sessions.

    We will contact you to schedule training or email us at training@TheTalentAuthority after your order is placed.   Our trainer will be on-site for a maximum of 5 consecutive hours between the hours of 8am-5pm.   During this 5 hours period, schedule sessions to accommodate a minimum of 30-minutes and maximum of 60-minutes must be scheduled between sessions.  

    We recommend group size to be no more than 30 for employee-level (one hour training duration) and 20 for supervisory level (two hours of training).   If groups size is larger, we do recommend more time so that there is time for interactivity to meet compliance requirements.   Training can be in English or Spanish.


    OR, we we will deliver 5 hours of virtual training delivered via Zoom.   Choose any combination of one hour (employee) or two-hour (supervisory) sessions to equate to 5 hours.  Training can be delivered over the course of one day or several days.

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