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Management Consulting & Advisory Services

Businesses have created a  strategy because they want results. Between that strategy and the desired results is the organization's talent. Unfortunately, most businesses haven't approached the talent part of the equation with the same kind of rigor that they use for other parts of the business. While every business is concerned with data about finances and profit, most do not realize that there are equally important people data points that can help them succeed with their talent strategy.


The Talent Authority's Management Consulting & Advisory Services optimizes talent practices

and provides executives with an analytical approach that will propel their organization's talent processes toward achieving results.    


We examine an organization's strategy along with its key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure alignment with the mission, vision and values of the organization. We then identify the competencies required to achieve desired results and align these to;

  1. Job Descriptions

  2. Interviewing and Selection

  3. Performance Management Practices

  4. Compensation and Bonuses

  5. Coaching and Development

  6. Career Ladders and Succession Planning

  7. Engagement Practices

  8. Strategy Execution  

A link between HR functions and Busienss Strategy and Business Results and the different facets of HR and Talent Development has on each

Executive Coaching


Every successful athlete has a coach. These athletes recognize the value of the wide-ranging support that coaches provide. Talent Authority coaches help executives achieve results through their talent.  

Leadership Coaching


Leaders are often promoted into key positions based on technical skill, merit and accomplishments. Oftentimes, these do pair up to leadership ability. Leaders must tailor their approach to each one of their direct reports and this can be challenging given the critical nature of their positions where results matter. Our coaches provide the tips, tools and resources that will fast-track leaders on accomplishing strategic tasks through talent.  

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